Mayan Goddess of the Moon


Print of an original watercolor



Ixchell the Mayan Goddess of the Moon is a print from an original watercolor created as a gift for the strong woman that I value and respect. This is a gift for the women that prevail always regardless of hardship and pain. The Goddess of the Moon is a reminder to these women that just like the moon we still have the capacity to shine even when we are not at our fullest. This is a thank you to all the women out there for inspiring others to be strong. The perfect gift for that strong woman within you or a strong woman that inspires you.


Ixchel (pronounced Ishchel) was the Maya goddess of the moon, of love, of gestation, of medicine, and of the textile arts. She was the wife of the sun god Ak Kin, and was often represented accompanied by a rabbit; in hieroglyphics her name appears as Chak Chel, meaning “large rainbow”