Walls Without Borders

Walls Without Borders is a project designed to fund and expand El Paso’s public artwork and mural scene. By uniting with the community YOU can help raise funds for local artists to create murals around the city. Donate today and grant El Paso access to public artwork. We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to “Mural El Paso.” We believe that together we can better the community and expand art throughout the city.


The donation you make today will fund a mural on Downtown El Paso 

This mural is intended to uplift our LGBTQ community and spread Equality and Love!

Meet the Artist’s:
Paola Martinez is a portrait painter located in the border region of El Paso, Texas and CD. Juárez, Mexico. Her eclectic and indigenous portraits pay homage to her Mexican heritage, bringing awareness and life to the ancient tribes that continue to thrive in today’s modern world. Her black and white portrait paintings focus on her subjects gaze as she captures intimacy with the viewer. By using her unique finger painting style, the artist believes that she truly becomes in contact with her work and her subjects. She is known to use a black and white palette to create equality between her subjects. The multidisciplinary artist is constantly inspired by her travels around the world as she shares her knowledge and brings cultural diversity to create unison in humanity through her work.

Artist Albert (Tino) Ortega is an autodidact that has been creating artwork for the past decade. During his career he has divulged in numerous mediums, allowing his artwork to conform into multiple styles. Tino has and continues to bring emphasis to the scenery and community of the southern border. The idea of expressing our similarities through our differences stems from his upbringing on
the border, situated in a geographic area laying between two countries, three states, and primarily two cities: El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. Depicting the multi cultural people and places of the border helps illustrate the idea of togetherness. This idea of connectivity, exposed in Tino’s work allows the viewer to embrace others’ differences

"It’s about bringing the community together while at the same time having their voice heard" - Tino

"I believe everyone should have access to artwork within their own community" - Paola